Argonath Naila

Wood Elf Monk


Name: Argonath Naila
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Monk
Alignment: True Neutral
Fighting name: The Naked Stunt


Argonath is a wood elf monk-in-training who hails from the village of Tirannwin, wherein the bulk of the elven food supply is grown and managed. Tirannwin is particularly renowned for the fine liquors distilled from the fruit grown in its orchards, which itself is the finest in the land, liquors which can render even the most veteran dwarven drunk unconscious with a single sip.

The process by which Argonath is recruited to the monastery is perhaps as unusual as the final stage of his training. Elven society is based on clans, with each of the seven clans being given a specific role to play in the protection of the glade or, more accurately, the support of the mysterious order of monks whose sacred duty it is to tend and keep the glade.

Among the wood elves of the Western Glade it is generally frowned upon to practice any trade outside of the clan one is born into, but for Argonath an exception is made because of Makla, the local herbalist, whose tinctures and tonics are largely responsible for the success of the liquors and the overall quality of the food supply produced in Tirannwin. Though elves are immortal, they are not immune to the effects of aging, and Makla is among the oldest elves in existence, being upwards of 3000 years old. As such, she is unable to get out easily and collect the herbs needed for her potions, and so despite the clan difference between them, Makla is permitted to train Argonath in where and how to find and gather the various herbs she needs.

Argonath’s childhood is ripped from him, however, by an orc raid that destroys his village while he is out gathering herbs. Returning just in time to see the orc chieftain leading the raid burn down the town center into which his family and all the surviving villagers have been herded, Argonath flies into a blind rage and slaughters the orc chieftain and his honor guard. Terrified by his sudden lack of control, Argonath runs for three days and nights into the glade before passing out from grief and exhaustion. When he awakens, he decides to make a home for himself right where he is, and spends the next 70 years in solitude.

Unbeknownst to him, however, he has made his camp on the outskirts of the center of the glade, wherein the elven monastery and the monks that inhabit it reside. For the next 70 years they observe him as he, of his own volition, begins to obtain certain of the skills taught exclusively to the monks, as well as a few of those pertaining to other clans beyond the farmers and herbalists.

The monks are mysterious. Having no born members, they instead recruit from all the other clans and teach their initiates all of the skills pertaining to each of the clans, including their own, preparing them for the sacred task of tending the glade trees, which keep intact the veil separating the void from the world of existence. For 47 years Argonath is trained as a monk, and during the final decade of his training is assigned the direct tutelage of Master Ono. Seven years into this apprenticeship, Master Ono goes on a short journey and returns with instructions for Argonath to, as the final stage of his training, be sent out into the world beyond the glade to explore and learn from it. He is to return in three years to report on his findings before being set before the high council who will determine whether he is to be inducted into the order or permanently exiled from the glade.

Argonath begins his journey in Corsa, the nearest human settlement roughly 60 miles from the edge of the glade.

Argonath Naila

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