Jenner Shade-Fell

A warrior who's spent his life fighting the Void, both externally internally


FullSizeRender.jpgRace: Human
Class: Eldridge Knight
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Preferred fighting style: Twin swords and thrown knives, greatswords as needed
Preferred magic: healing and mobility boosts


Jenner Shade-Fell was born in a province called the Soot Kingdom on the east side of the Orc Territories. The Soot borders the Orc lands and as such is frequently attacked. The Order of Shades, an army of sprite-imbued warriors, patrols the border and keeps the invaders at bay.

Shades are considered in the surrounding provinces to be the best Orc-fighting soldiers available. Warriors are trained in combat, outdoor survival, orc language, and magic. Their most prominent feature is the magic they use; each warrior is imbued with a Void sprite, which gives them their power. It is the same type of sprite that the Orcs have. The Shades have two mottos, “To defeat the enemy we become him,” or the more poetic, “Fire with fire, Void with Void.”

Jenner joined the Shades after being selected from the ranks of the Soot’s main army. He was imbued with his sprite and served in the Order for about ten years.

His, and the rest of the Order’s, downfall began when a large unit of Shades was diverted to the north of the kingdom to fight for a baron.

Baron Kaltera owned territory that bordered the Soot’s northern neighbor, the Elven Alder Kingdom. Kaltera claimed that the Alders were falling under the influence of the Void and ordered the Shades to destroy them.

Jenner and the Shades razed settlements for close to a year, believing that everybody they killed was under Void possession.

Things came to a head when the Alder Kingdom declared war on the Soots and mustered their forces in the Valley of Aspens.

Jenner and the Shades were in the vanguard of the battle, facing off against over 3,000 well-prepared Alder soldiers. Despite fighting ferociously, the Shades were eventually overrun by sheer numbers. Jenner was wounded and taken prisoner. The Battle of Aspens put the Shades into infamy.

It was in Alder custody that he and his surviving comrades learned that they had been deceived. Baron Kaltera was under the influence of the Void and his wizards had deceived the Shades into believing they were fighting the Void when they were really destroying innocent settlements. The ploy was to wear down the Alder Kingdom’s defenses and the Shades and the same time, to facilitate a full-scale orc invasion of both kingdoms.

Jenner and his companions were eventually freed and returned home, only to find that the Soot Kingdom’s ruler had disavowed the Shades. They were pulled from all military service and had the name “¬Fell” added to their titles, signifying their disownment.

In the meantime, woefully untrained units from the Soot’s army were sent to patrol the border. The incoming orc attack steamrolled the forces and the kingdom was invaded.

Jenner and a band of Shades escaped during the chaos. They met up with a group of resistance fighters from the Alder Kingdom, which was collapsing under its own orc attack. The Shades and the resistance rode against Baron Kaltera’s castle and ransacked it, killing the baron and his Void-possessed council. Jenner went north to aid the Alder Kingdom, which was the only, and rapidly falling, line of defense between an Elven Glade and the Orc Territories. The remnant of the Alder’s army and the Shades were eventually able to repulse the orc attack, taking horrific losses in the process.

It was then that Jenner’s Shade Sickness began to consume him. All Shades, due to their Void sprite imbuement, are eventually taken over by their sprite. Heavy use of their magic speeds the process. The result usually sees the now fully-possessed warrior going on a Void-magic-fueled killing spree or they are put down by their brothers in arms. It is considered a great honor to be asked by a Shade to kill him if he is losing himself to the Void.

Jenner, with his mental and physical health beginning to deteriorate, went west, going straight through Orc territory toward Corsa, where he heard a cure could was possible.

He made it, barely, and Masters Pelgrade and Peladora were able to remove the sprite from him.

No longer possessed, but significantly weakened and lacking his previous magic, Jenner joined Corsa’s Fighting Guild, hoping to find money, comradeship, and to regain his lost abilities.

Jenner Shade-Fell

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