Kiara Ewa

Kiara, a curious girl born in the countryside, whose life abruptly changes.


Name: Kiara
Age: thirteen
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Physical Features: 4’10", brunette hair, brown eyes, 6" scar on R upper arm
Preferred Weapons: daggers and short bow


The wind whistles through the leaves. I can see the forest sprawled out to my right. The desert sits like a straight line in the distance. My mother’s voice calls out “You shouldn’t be up there. You’re going to fall out.” It’s been a while since I’ve thought about her. It was a day much like today when she first found me up this tree. I look out in the distance towards the desert. I don’t know why, but wherever I think about my mom, I wonder if that’s where she vanished. My dad won’t tell me about it, but I wonder if he even knows. All he’ll say is that he woke up one night and she was gone. He spent days looking for her. I don’t remember much of it; it was almost eight years ago. I scrabble to the base of the tree, passing the stub of the branch that broke once, giving me the scar on my right arm. It’s time to get home and help my dad feed the horses.

I’m finally back in town; it’s been almost four weeks. My brother warms me to not get into trouble. I smile mischievously and scamper off into Hamad’s house. He just started teaching me to write the last couple of times I was there. Making all those lines is hard, but Hamad shows me some of his books and says that once I know my letters, I will be able to read of adventures even greater than the stories he tells me. I found that hard to believe. He’s told me that he’s ventured into the forest and has even encountered a dragon before. They are so secretive; I don’t know how he met one.
Hamad welcomes me into his house. It’s a simple enough house with three rooms. To the right is an open area with a pit that Hamad has been teaching to spare in. The first room directly in front of me serves as a living room and Hamad’s sleeping quarters branch off to the back. My eyes wonder to the book shelves to the left; filled with books, many with strange, but beautiful markings.

Kiara Ewa

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