Martin Eton

46 year old human mage


Martin grew up on the Southern Coast and as working in the traditional role as sailor, fishing and trading since he was a youth. Martin was first introduced to magic by an illusionist sorcerer—Cyrio—and his magical performance troupe. With the help of charlatans and actors, Martin learned the basics of distraction, facechanging, and mist summoning. Not only did he learn basic magic but the baser arts of deceptive performance.

Upon his return home, he found his home ravaged by pirates operating from Ea Se Drang (Ee-ah Say Drahng), a raft city floating along the sea current and supporting pirate fleets barred from on-land ports throughout the sea. This orgy of violence left Martin’s wife dead and his thirteen year old daughter—Sarah—missing—presumably kidnapped for labor or sexual slavery. Despite widespread calls on the Crown to deploy armies to defend the Southern Coast and attack Ea Se Drang, royal advisers viewed Ea Se Drang as an ultimately temporary threat that would pass and the damage was acceptable as their most vital economic relationships were not overseas. Compared to the annual orc invasion, Ea Se Drang and the rescue of Southern Coasters’ friends and family were deemed a low priority. In a royal decree, the Crown merely declared the growing grassroots militia movement “King’s Blessed”, legally sanctioning mobilization against pirates for the duration of the crisis and offered token military and material support. Martin fought with his local militia to push raiders off shore—using deceit and distraction to aid and drive raids—but the initial destruction of fleets throughout the Southern Coast limited counterattacks or rescues and Ea Se Drang eventually drifted beyond the range of any seaworthy vessel captains were willing to risk.

The need to quickly gain money in a devastated economy to commission a ship and crew that could travel across the sea to find his daughter—both increasing the price of these ships and decreasing opportunities to pay for them—while armed with tools for deceit quickly pushed Martin towards the urban underworld of Corsa. Here, he worked from minor grift and fraud to major theft.

Two years after Ea Se Drang had drifted away from the Calrean shore, Martin was hired to steal a magical spear staff in a heist that would allow him to commission several ships and a small sellsword company. Using facechanging magic and deceit, he accessed a royal vault and stole the spear staff appearing as its rightful owner. While fencing the spear staff, he was captured by paladins in an entrapment operation. He was held on charges of attempted theft, possession of stolen magical good, unauthorized access of a noble’s vault, and unlawful use of magic in city limits—charges that would leave him rotting in a cell the rest of his life—when an ambitious paladin named Grant secretly offered clemency, a formal battle mage education, and promises of monetary reward in return for becoming an espionage officer on retainer. Not trusting the word of a paladin using blackmail to secure his loyalty, Martin did not reveal his motivation for the theft and gave the name of the unscrupulous sorcerer who taught him to lie instead of his own.

For almost three years, Martin has formally served as a magical advisor to Corsan paladin officers while informally running Grant’s espionage operations against foes and friends alike. He has recruited assets in bandit crews to track threats, monitored foreign diplomats to give Grant an information leverage in currying favor with nobles who determine paladin advancement, and sabotaged other paladin officer retainers’ efforts.

Martin Eton

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