Vash Agiostais

A tiefling struggling to find his place in a world more broken than him.


Name: Vash
Race: Tiefling
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Fighting name: The Sinful Shield


Vash Agiostais was raised by his mother in a small town of 45 people called Frenis. His mother, Senira, served those who came to her as a remarkably inaccurate seer with phenomenal cooking. Those within the town would often come by and pay her for a prophecy simply to eat a meal cooked by her or by her son. She was in fact such a bad seer that whatever people would hear from her, they would often plan for the opposite, even if it was absolutely outrageous. She made enough for a simple life between the two of them.

Occasionally a passerby would come through and curse Vash and his mother, and once or twice he was even beaten on the way home as people would invoke any of the five goddesses as reason enough to hate him. He eventually developed a frustration with the Five that ran deeper than any anger he held for the humans who cursed him.

Though the townsfolk respected Vash’s mother enough to leave him alone, none made any effort to be hospitable. One day a dwarf came into town from the mountains and quietly set up shop. None of the other people gave it much thought, voicing to themselves how the dwarf would be gone in a month. Senira on the other hand decided Vash should go and bring him food. Vash entered the dwarf’s quickly made but sturdy house to find that he had also built a forge inside. When Vash gave the dwarf the food, he received a rant about his own exile from his home on the account of a new group of leaders within the tribe with a much lower average age. Many of them were ignorant of the realities that the world held, believing that the ways of old were archaic and unnecessary.

Bolin, as he soon learned was the name of the dwarf, was cast out on charges of barbarism and mutiny. He had come to Frenis in the hopes of living out his last days in solitude, away from the foolishness of youth. With that Vash figured the dwarf didn’t want him around but Bolin asked Vash to stay and work at the forge with him. Vash learned smithing techniques from Bolin, though he never learned the heart of dwarven smithing. The two became friends and Bolin would often come over for dinner. Vash longed no more for a father because he had one, even if it were unconventional.

Bolin, Vash and Senira were having dinner when Vash offered to clean up. Taking the dishes into the kitchen he heard a crash and some scuffling, the sounds of metal on metal and sword slicing flesh echoed in his ears. He could barely see the sight of three men standing with blood sprayed across their clothes and two more lying lifeless near the doorway. On the floor at the feet of the men lay his mother who pointed to one of the men and was about to say something when the man in the middle cut off her hand.
“No magic for you miss, we like to control our own fates. Skyna, you failed, we need to go.”
“Sorry sir, why was he the target anyway?”
“That’s information that you don’t get for such a poor performance. I thought the four of you could have handled him.”
They were out the door by the time Vash came out.
“Vash my child, I’m sorry, I wish I could be around longer. You must not go after them, you will not kill them. I love you.”
With that she died, and Vash knew that she had just guaranteed his vengeance upon the men who had destroyed his life. He prayed for the first time, not to the Five, but to a future filled with justice. He had seen his mother’s negative prophecy spell performed enough to know he was feeling the effects of it. A strength came over him as he cried bitterly in his destroyed house.

Vash set out as soon as he could, tracing the men as best as he could. He soon lost the trail, growing frustrated as months went by until he came across the king’s guard in a town 60 miles north of his own. He petitioned to become part of the king’s Paladin corps in hopes to grow in his skill with the sword he had forged with Bolin two days before the incident. Without hesitation they rejected him out of hand. Instead he was given an offer to join the frontlines a hundred miles to the west. Frustrated, but without any other options he began to head west until he came across an army camp in disarray. There he worked his way up to command three others, but it just meant he was put in more danger. He never feared though, for he knew justice would come.

Two years in Vash became friends with a Halfling trader who was skilled in providing goods that others could not acquire. During a raid of their camp by the Orcs, the Halfling was injured and taken away towards medical opportunities and Vash abandoned the frontlines in an attempt to follow his friend which eventually led him to Corsa’s gates.

Vash Agiostais

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