Call of Sprite Blessed

Part 13: Rescue Mission

Blades? Check.

Armor? Check.

Bows? Check.

Healing potions? Check.

Smoke bombs? Check.

Reconnaissance? Check.

Allied support? Nope.

Battle plan? Check?

The gang gears up to rescue Vash. The Tiefling is set to be executed at a ceremonial spot near the church. It’s heavily guarded by men and automatons. It’s not the place to mount a frontal-assault-plus-snatch-and-grab operation.

But we never think about the odds until we do something.

Vash is led onto the executioner’s block, with a priest, Baron LeFleur and Vash’s former commanding officer General Montgomery. The genera; hold the axe, a black glaive called the Unblade, which severs its victims connection to their gods. Vash will receive an exorcism along with his execution.

Argonath, Jenner, and Martin kick things off and draw the guards to one side of the courtyard. Kiara rushed in from the other direction and grabs Vash. As they’re about to escape, the priest summons a magic field around the chopping block, preventing them from escaping via teleportation.

Soldiers and automatons swarm Martin, Jenner, and Arg, who struggle to hold their own.

Baron LeFleur accidentally kills the priest, deactivating the magic field and allowing Vash and Kiara to join the others. In the brawl, the Tiefling managed to get a hold of the Unblade, which he uses to kill, definitively kill, the swordsman automaton.

The group retreats under heavy fire, as the automatons and soldiers press the attack and threaten to overwhelm them. [Argonath’s writing is crossed out here and the next sentence is written under it with Jenner’s handwriting.]

The group performs a tactical withdrawal from the combat area, having completed their primary objective.

[Arg’s handwriting resumes.] They escape into the city and (somehow) manage to escape the walls and reach their safehouse. [The “somehow” is also in Jenner’s hand]

Reunited, out of the city, and temporarily out of danger, the group rests and reflects, preparing for their journey west.

Part 12: Bugging Out


Fresh from their fight with the automatons, the gang brings their captive back to the Asari hideout. Eliot, Kiara’s friend from the Thieves’ Guild, doesn’t seem to know anything about what attacked them or why. While the gang is deliberating over whether or not they believe him, Eliot escapes the hideout.

The gang decides to leave the city and chooses to go east to the Glade where their ironwood ship is being created. Martin and Argonath go the Elven embassy to make the final negotiations while the others finish their business in the city and prepare to leave.

The embassy is attacked before Martin and Argonath can leave. Under the cover of a the sniper automaton, Tibaltia’s Paladins raid the embassy and take Amarereth and most of the staff prisoner. The fugitives barely escape with their lives.

Vash is left on his own in the city as he hurries toward the meeting point just outside the city’s perimeter. He is attacked by the swordsman automaton and an epic duel ensues.

Jenner and Kiara went to the meeting point first to secure the area. A squad of Paladins appear at the tavern they’re waiting at. The two prepare for a fight but get more than they expect when a nobleman deploys a full squad of soldiers and the third, energy-blasting automaton. Jenner uses his (Argonath’s) ice-enchanted bow to even the odds and he and Kiara put up a good fight against the Paladins and their leader.

Argonath and Martin appear at the tavern, where the battle is starting to turn in favor of the Paladins. Argonath finishes off the automaton with his elemental magic, but he is incapacitated by the soldiers.

Vash prevails against the sword automaton, singlehandedly defeating the deadly adversary, but the Tiefling collapses from his wounds alone in the middle of the city.

Kiara and Jenner rescue Argonath from the Paladins. Martin covers their retreat with his explosive spells and the group disappears into the city.

The four party members must now find their missing friend while the followers of Magistra turn the city upside down searching for them.

Part 11: Reunion Tour


The gang has gone their separate ways.

Some have found honest work in fields, stables, or local businesses. Others are still up to their usual lying, spying, and fighting. For most, it’s a combination of the two.

The Church of Magistra has been building up its Paladin divisions and cracking down on drinking, gambling and other kinds of dishonest fun. War refugees stream into Tibaltia, harassed by bandits and monsters.

Vash finishes his day in the fields. There are rumors of trouble in the North, where the dead walk and the Dwarven warlords are vying for control. Vash decides he needs a drink and heads toward the Hoarse Raven tavern.

Kiara is working at a stable. The “is” becomes a “was” as she’s fired by the abusive stable-owner after a man “borrows” a horse from Kiara. At least she got to keep the gold piece the horse thief gave her.

Kiara returns to her temporary home, then to The Prancing Pony to meet her Thieves’ Guild contacts. There’s a heist on for tonight.

Jenner returns, slightly the worse for wear, from a mercenary job fighting bandits beyond the city walls. After a tip to the local healer to get the latest scrapes patched. His wounds are looking good, his chances with the nurse are not looking good. He leaves and heads for his shift at the Hoarse Raven.

Martin is waiting to meet a contact. The contact doesn’t appear. The bar Martin was set to meet the man at closes and he’s forced to leave. As he steps out the door, a throwing knife thuds in to the doorframe next to him and a shadowy figure runs off on the rooftops. Martin pursues and traces the man to a warehouse with several shady-looking characters inside.

Argonath is on business for the Elven Embassy. The man he’s tracking has led him to a warehouse where several shadowy men are talking about a seemingly important shipment. He hears movement outside the building. He also smells a little smoke.

Marton and Argonath circle the building several times before finding each other. The reunion is cut short as they realize there’s a small force of armed men heading toward the warehouse.

The Hoarse Raven is busy. It’s one of the few taverns still open. The patrons are having a good time and Ehtovk the bard is making good money. Jenner is looking forward to winning that money from the bard later.

Vash arrives and gets his usual drink. He’s singing along to Ehtovk when the City Guard smashes into the tavern and announces the place is closing early. They begin arresting the merrymakers, including Vash.

Jenner bolts upstairs and starts gearing up. Vash is dragged outside but escapes the Paladins’ grasp and runs back into the tavern. He, Jenner, and Jenner’s friend and roommate Kadric escape with Kadric’s family.

Kiara watches from a rooftop as the Thieves’ Guild moves in on the warehouse. The guards outside are neutralized and a cart moves in to secure the precious weapons said to be hidden inside.

The thieves notice a man watching the heist and they send a man to silence him.

Argonath is watching the heist, wondering what is going on, when somebody attacks him. The assailant has a poisoned knife but Argonath resists the toxin and overpowers the man with his staff and elemental magic. The assailant is left in the alley, unconscious and without eyebrows.

Martin wants to learn what the thieves are stealing. He takes the quiet approach; he turns himself invisible and sneaks into the thieves’ cart as it approaches the warehouse. The warehouse is now on fire, thanks to Martin.

Vash and Jenner are lost. After making sure Kadric and his family are safe, the two warriors run through town, looking for trouble, hopefully some Paladins to fight. It’s probably due to Vash’s drunken navigation that, despite starting in the North Fields District, they end up in the Shallow Warf. They hear some action happening near the cargo docks and head in that direction.

Argonath runs toward the commotion and takes an arrow in the shoulder. The paralysis
poison takes effect and drops the elf cold.

Enter Jenner and Vash. The drunk, armored Tiefling barrels into the street and the thieves shoot at him with their poisoned arrows. He gets hit but his fall jolts him awake again. Jenner takes a few shots at the thieves and climbs to a rooftop to get a better vantage.

There’s a flash of light from the burning warehouse and the two thieves that just inside come flying out the doors.

With a glint of metal and a whir of clockwork limbs and a thief dies with a blade through his chest. A blue and gold automaton with blades for arms, moves with lethal grace, shining in the glow of the fire and the falling rain.

A blast of white energy obliterates the cart. Martin narrowly avoids serious injury and his invisibility evaporates.

A white and gold automaton clatters out of the warehouse. It raises one of its arms and another disk of energy bisects another thief.

A third automaton, this one red and gold, comes out on four spindly legs. Two legs whip around, point at another unlucky thief, and an unseen and incredibly fast projectile blows the thief’s head off.

Kiara has a feeling that she knows what they’re for. The automatons were shipped to Tibaltia to hunt the people responsible for the attempt on the king’s life. The killer droids will be coming after their party.

The party flees. Martin is the first to go, using the chaos as cover as the automatons finish off the last of the thieves. Argonath, Kiara, and Elliot, her Thieves’ Guild contact, are next. Vash and Jenner are last, the latter narrowly avoiding being hit by a shot from the red automaton.

They arrive back at The Prancing Pony with a blindfolded Elliot in tow. After a stiff drink to calm their nerves, the party, reunited again, heads into the base to plan their next move.

Turning the page to the next chapter

It has been Six months since we last left our band of hero’s. Six months since the corranation. Six months of hiding and laying low. I wonder…what have our hero’s been up to.

From each of you I need a small write up that covers these five things

1. One mechanical benefit and its narrative justification for your character
2. One new NPC, or the elevation of an old character. and what their relationship to you is ( or what role you want them to place)
3. Where you have been living and why.
4. How you have made ends meet for housing and whatnot
5. one thing that has developed in the world

Do these asap please, and send them to me: even if it is just a bullet point document

Part 10: Coronation 2.0

The gang arrives back at the Prancing Pony in surprisingly good shape considering the stabbings, burnings and poisonings they’ve been through.

Vash, Argonath and Jenner try to determine the type of poison on the arrow Jenner was shot with. They determine that the poison is Druid’s Blood, a famous and widely used poison. Whether or not it’s actually Druid’s Blood remains to be seen.

They report their findings to the Elven embassy and the elves assure them that their ship is being made.

Word of Corsa’s fall has finally reached Tibaltia and Vash believes his Halfling friend may be with the news-bringers. Kiara eventually finds the place she believes him to be, a tavern called the Half-Empty Flagon, which is full of Corsa refugees.

The gang goes and Vash finds his friend. The Halfling is the son of one of the largest shipping companies in Tibaltia. He and Vash made friends in the army, both outcasts.

As the two catch up, the others sit down to a game of cards. Things are going well until the dealer gets angry that Kiara is cheating better than he is. The ensuing barfight is a rousing good time and the gang gives the lowlifes a thorough thrashing before escaping mostly unscathed.

Later on, the gang learns that there is to be a new coronation ceremony, to prove that the royal family is alive and bears no lasting damage from the attack. Vash gets a very, very bad feeling about it.

They set about planning how to stop the coronation. Destroying the palace is out of the question. Sneaking into the palace and slitting the king and prince’s throats is risky. Sneaking into the church and stealing the exotic weapons stored there is even more risky.

They decide to take their information to the church. After all, if Galen and Gareth are practicing dark magic, the church is sure not to approve.

Martin puts on a new disguise and acts his way into the head priest’s office. he hands over the ritualistic writing and the priest assures Martin the coronation will not go as planned.

Not convinced, the gang gears up and sneaks into the palace. They plan to take a shot at the priest, who they believe wants the throne for himself. They take positions around the coronation chamber.

Richard finds Argonath, Kiara and Jenner as they wait in the secret passage next to the gallery. As they try to extract him, they need him alive for the treaty after all, he refuses and strides out into the chamber as the ceremony begins.

Vash senses magic in the coronation chamber. And it’s not the good kind. The celestial symbols on the main platform with the royalty are corrupted by something evil. More fiendish symbols are on the balcony above the door.

The priest comes down the aisle with the Crown of Corsa. Richard starts to run.

Argonath takes a shot at the priest. Jenner shoots at Queen Beatrice as she steps onto the symbols. Both arrows stop in midair in front of their targets.

Richard stands on the summoning circle and for a moment is replaced by a demon. Beatrice changes form and becomes a woman in shining white with silver hair. She is Magistra incarnate.

Galen is crowned, presumably under Beatrice/Magistra’s control. The gang flees except for Martin who was a part of the ceremony.

Something very powerful and very evil has just taken a very big step into this world.

Part 9: The Red Wedding Ball


Returning to the Prancing Pony for another planning and strategy session, the party must now determine how they are to proceed with attending the ball. Vash manages to get admitted to the kitchen staff as a cook, and his excellent dishes cause a small bit of upset on the part of the head cook, who’s creations appear to be becoming eclipsed by Vash’s. Martin will maintain his alias as a noble from the south, while Kiara poses as his daughter and Jenner as his personal body guard. Argonath will enter as part of the elven embassy, because it is not seen as proper for servants to enter the ball. Jenner is therefore able to enter openly with his weapons, while Kiara and Argonath sneak daggers and darts under their garments. Martin’s weapons, of course, are his magic, which cannot be openly seen until he casts it, and thus cannot be confiscated at the door. Vash elects to take no weapons in with him, hoping to remain an anonymous observer.

All goes according to plan and the party enters the ball without anyone realizing their true identities. After engaging in small talk and a few rounds of dancing, Jenner makes contact with Prince Richard, who suggests that they check out the marvelous gallery on the third floor of the ballroom. Jenner messages Martin via magic, and the two of them maintain a connection while he, along with Argonath who observes Jenner break his cover as Kiara’s companion from his vantage point in one of the sitting areas across the room where the elven embassy is gathered, heads to the gallery.

Meanwhile Kiara, who Jenner was supposed to be accompanying, finds herself in a rather sticky situation with a young noble who is clearly interested in more than just a social visit with her. She is forced to break her cover to avoid being taken advantage of, and Argonath, having realized her vulnerability, seeks and finds her shortly thereafter and escorts her to the gallery as well.

In the gallery they find many paintings, but are particularly drawn to an odd one of the king who was assassinated twenty years ago. Something about it just doesn’t seem quite right. It’s as if they eyes are watching them. While they are investigating it, the stone doors between the gallery and the ballroom close and the party momentarily appears trapped until the mysterious painting open to reveal Prince Richard and a secret passageway to the palace interior. Richard reveals that he was dethroned for acting too interested in his father and brother’s mysterious activities. He reveals a few of the bits and pieces that he managed to uncover before his dethronement, but the party is already aware of these and then some. Richard then escorts them through the passageways to an alternative secret entrance to the second floor of the ballroom. Unfortunately, the party was about to take a very ugly turn.

Down in the kitchens, Vash bears witness to several assassins who, posing as servants, have managed to infiltrate the palace. They kill several of the servants before heading upstairs, but are clearly not interested in Vash himself beyond incapacitating him as he gets in their way with a butcher knife. He recovers and pursues them upstairs but they are too quick and he arrives in the gardens just as the door closes for the presentation of the crown prince, and he is forced to deal with two guards who are of opposing opinions about whether to let him go or not. Playing both ends against the middle, Vash manages to get away from them and into the ballroom, where the attack has begun in full. The newly crowned Prince Gareth takes a crossbow bolt for his father as everyone but the party flees the room. Martin also flees in order to maintain his alias, and a powerful mage who turns out to be the mysterious Benneth also remains, though his spells threaten to undo the part as well as he is apparently unable to tell the difference between them and the assassins. The party survives and manages to escape, as do half of the assassins. The other half are killed, mostly by Benneth’s spells albeit with a little help from the party.

They make their way back to the inn, nursing their wounds, to discuss the unexpected turn of events the night has brought them. While they clearly have something of an ally in Richard, the fate of the new crown prince is unknown, and thus they do not know how much power their new ally will have. If Garith was killed, then Richard is the only option left for crown prince and he will then be able to resume brokering the deal with the elven embassy. If Gareth survived, however, Richard may be in danger of being blamed, and the price on the party’s head will certainly not have remained the same. Whether it has gone up or down, however, depends on whether or not their attempts to help were noticed. One thing is certain though, that they will have many awkward questions to answer should they be identified, and so they decide to report their findings to the elven embassy but otherwise lay low until things calm down.

Exhausted from their affairs this night, they finally turn in.

Part 8: Infiltration, Investigation, and Intrigue


As it turns out, the elven ambassador, who happens to also be the daughter of the queen of the elves, has been in the midst of negotiations with the Tibaltan government to treat for military aid against the void threat. However, Prince Richard, who was brokering the deal for them, has recently been dethroned as crown prince and all but disowned by the royal family. The princess wants to know the meaning of this turn of events and the reasons behind it, and so she recruits the party via Argonath and Martin’s visit to infiltrate the palace and speak to Prince Richard about the matter. It is, however, crucial that the elven embassy’s involvement in the matter remain a secret for now. For Martin’s part, he, under the guise of his newly created alias of Septimus Maximus the Third, a minor noble from the south, negotiates for an ironwood ship. This is primarily to keep up his ruse as a noble emissary but also will be a huge asset to the party once it is completed, allowing them to travel more quickly and with less fear of molestation. Argonath also must maintain his ruse as body servant to Septimus because he is a vital piece in the negotiations with the elven embassy, but his elvishness would attract too much of the wrong sort of attention were it to be openly displayed.

Back at the Prancing Pony, the party begins planning their strategy for contacting the prince and gathering the information they need to help the embassy and ultimately the struggle against the void. It is decided that Martin and Argonath will maintain their aliases and use them to enter the palace to petition the king for more aid against the pirate threat to the south. Once inside, they can move openly about the palace with relative ease and would thus be able to speak with Prince Richard directly. Meanwhile, Kiara negotiates with the thieves guild to gain her and Jenner secret access to the palace where they can, hopefully, remain undetected and gather what information Martin and Argonath cannot. It is determined that Vash’s demonic features would be too difficult to hide, and so he will stay behind to avoid attracting more of the attention the party seeks to avoid.

Putting their plan into action, Argonath and Martin successfully play their roles and gain open access to the palace. Before they can freely wander about, they must have an audience with the king, for it is under this pretense that they are there at all. The king is polite, but notably frustrated at the ongoing petitions for aid from the south. He denies them such aid, claiming that he has already sent what he believes to be more than enough money to get the job done, and all but accuses Septimus of personally lining his pockets with what was sent. He clearly does not take the pirate threat seriously.

Kiara and Jenner also gain access to the palace, and manage to remain mostly undetected for the entirety of their stay. They manage to obtain documents from the king’s personal study confirming that he has been involved with preparations for a dark summoning ritual which he hopes will grant him more power by binding a great demon to himself. The odds of his success at this, however, are unfortunately very small, and the far greater danger is in that the demon will enter this plane unbound and be free to wreak much destruction until and unless he can be banished. They also overhear a rather peculiar discussion between the new crown prince, Garith, and a mysterious man by the name of Benneth, about some sort of plan referring to a “he” which is in the way. They are not able to stay and hear much of it, however, because they are soon detected and must make their escape via repelling off of a balcony. Thankfully, they are not identified as anything other than intruders; their faces and other personal identifiers remain secret and so they can still maintain relative freedom to move about the city in the open.

Martin and Argonath also are successful in contacting Prince Richard. The prince is well aware that he is being watched, however, and requests that they attend an upcoming ball where they might be able to slip away for a few moments and speak with him more freely.

Part 7: Regrouping and Rearming


After the group arrives in Tibaltia, Martin is taken away by the church. During the interrogation, he tells them the entire truth about Grant and their mission. He manages to get the gang off the hook. Before they can be freed, however, the others escape from prison and run into the catacombs.

A priest leads Martin into the catacomb and they track the movements of the other party. As the priest threatens to turn them in, Martin attacks and kills him. The sorcerer escapes into the city, now wanted along with the rest of his friends.

Martin wanders the Shallow Wharf and eventually finds the famous Prancing Pony. With a few platinum coins and some information, he secures a month-long stay at the inn.

At the Asari hideout, the gang takes a look around. The base is a mess. It looks like a huge battle took place. The place is stripped of nearly all valuables and the furniture is in shambles.

The only thing intact is the library, a massive collection of shelves that lines the perimeter of the large main room. The books are secured behind warded glass and only accessible by a rickety scaffold.

The base is stewarded by a ghost in the crystal chandelier named Altia. The group wakes Altia up when they put the Asari pendants from Corsa into the slots around the main table.

Altia agrees to help them and shows them around the main room of the Asari base.

While exploring the off rooms, Kiara finds a bed that looks out of place. Somebody has recently stayed in the hideout.

The group decides to leave via a zap gate to the Shallow Wharf outside of the city. The gate leads them into the Prancing Pony’s basement.

They find Martin in the hotel and after some negotiations with zap-gate guards and Madame Lebon, the Pony’s owner, the party is allowed to stay.

Kiara finds the person who was staying in the Asari base, a boy named Cecil who was one of Hamand’s apprentices a few years ahead of Kiara. He helps them with the Asari codes to prevent any more standoffs in places they visit.

The group takes the opportunity to spend the money they gained while adventuring (and looting what was left of Corsa.)

Kiara buys armor, having gone the whole adventure without it. Jenner upgrades his own and gets his war trophies remade. Vash buys a new spear and considers getting it enchanted. Argonath gets a bow enchanted and has it put away to be paid for later.

As they wait for their gear to arrive, the team takes a look around the city.

Jenner reads the Asari books on Blademastery. He visits the Blademaster’s Guild and passes the initial test, but declines to join. Vash studies the death of the king and does further research in the library. Kiara tries to find the Thieve’s Guild. Argonath and Martin try to contact the Elven Embassy to report on the status of the Glade.

At the embassy, they receive a new mission…

Part 6: Mithril's Gauntlet


Having narrowly escaped from prison and uncertain of the fate and disposition of Cirio, the party finds themselves trapped in a puzzle consisting of four colored pathways, bowls, spheres, and gems. Guided by a mysterious riddle which refers o the maze only as “Mithril’s End”, the party must obtain four colored gems. A sapphire is found on the tail of a giant scorpion amidst spiders, where fire proved a most useful aid despite the near deaths of Kiara, Vash, and Argonath. A yellow diamond is found behind a concealed door triggered by a cord and a successful demonstration of bladder control. Argonath proved most inept at this. Beneath a stone bull they find an emerald, and upon snatching it the bull releases a puff of smoke from his nostrils, petrifying Vash. During the chaos and confusion immediately following this, Kiara is forced to rescue herself and Vash with the use of her dagger, which teleports them into a small, sealed room with a zap gate which would eventually prove to be their salvation. And a ruby is found in a stone room following a boulder which cascades down the hallway and into a stone basin designed for it.

Adjusting her technique, Kiara perfectly escapes from the room with Vash, still paralyzed, and reappears in the boulder room where Argonath and Vash have just obtained the final gem. Jenner then pours blessed water obtained from the church catacombs above to cure Vash of his petrification, though the process is excruciating for him because of his demonic heritage.

Each of the gems fits perfectly into a sphere of the same color, and each sphere upon receiving the appropriate gem, fits into a bowl, also of the same color. Upon placement of the final sphere, a door opens in the distance and many metallic-looking skeletons are released. Rather than fight the skeletons, the party opts for stealth, and succeeds in making its way to the room with the stone bull, where a door is now open revealing the room with the zap gate previously encountered by Kiara and Vash.

The door, however, will not open when chains of the bull are cut, thus releasing the magical energy imbued into each of them by the placement of the four spheres. The bull comes to life, revealing itself to be a dreaded gorgon, and a fight ensues during which Vash is almost killed again. Eventually the Party tricks the bull into smashing down the stone door protecting the zap gate, Having now found themselves unable to damage this creature, the party, one at a time, escapes through the now open zap gate and finds themselves finally in apparent safety in a room with a half dozen zap gates, with a map on the wall denoting the corresponding location, if not the circumstances and surroundings, of them all.

Part 6: Out of the Frying Pan and into the Sewer


The group arrives in Tibaltia, the capitol of the realm. Tibaltia is the largest city i the world and is the religious, economic, political, magical, and military capitol of everything.

The group gets immediately acquainted with the might of the religious institutions as they teleport in to the center of the largest church in the city. They are arrested immediately.

One by one the group is interrogated until, at last it is Cyrio’s turn. Instead of the normal gruff greeting he is approached and met as a low ranking officer and asked to make report. they unlock his cuffs before escorting him out, leaving the party to wonder what has become of him, and to assume he has turned turncoat. It does not look good for three of the four remaining party members: Vash the half-demon, Jenner the ex-Shade, and Argonath the elf who might have angered one of the five goddesses.

As they wait in jail, expecting to be summarily executed, Kiara discovers that her dagger is back in her pocket. She teleports out of her cell and frees the others. They recover their gear from an evidence locker that happens to be open.

The guards are alerted and the group escapes into the city’s sewers.

The four find themselves in a catacomb. The walls of the first room are lined with white robes, some of which are missing. They venture into the maze-like tomb and find an extensive burial chamber. Another room is filled with row after row of books, telling of all the people entombed in the halls. Vash looks up the assassination of the king and learns the facts surrounding the horrific death of the previous ruler.

Another room is full of a mysterious, but invigorating, water. Argonath and Kiara go for a swim while Jenner and Vash refrain.

In the next room, they find dozens of coffins and two guardians of the catacombs. The defenders, two leaked ghosts, attack immediately. Jenner, who stole one of the white cloaks, avoids being attacked. Argonath and Kiara take the brunt of the attack but avoid being seriously hurt because of their swim in the healing water.

After defeating the ghosts, the group finds a way to unlock a door they’d found earlier. The room contains a number of artifacts: a silver lance that looks suspiciously like the one described in the king’s death, an ivory bow and a gold chalice. All of them are locked behind strong magic wards so the group is forced to leave them behind and continue on.

As they continue they leave three discoveries unexplored. A spiral Staircase that descends into shadowy depths, the famed Crypt of Ages, and a room sealed by stone doors with no handles.

They find a way out of the catacombs of the church of the five, traveling down a drainage basin several hundred feet. The path leads them to a door with the Asari sign. The door opens and they enter a large maze that promises an exit.

At the heart of the maze is a room with four colored spheres. Each color corresponds to a section of the maze.

The maze is filled with danger, as the group find out when a boulder rolls down a dead end after them. After avoiding the boulder, they find themselves in a room full of spiders. One of the spiders has a blue gem necklace which looks like a key to the maze. .

The spider fight goes out of hand quickly. Argonath offers to burn the spiders and their webs away. Jenner and Vash are already inside the spider nest when the elf suggests fire. Jenner tries to escape and is immobilized by a spider’s spit. Kiara rescues him, leaving Vash and Argonath to face the spiders alone. As fire begins to consume the nest, Jenner manages to kill the largest spider and grab the necklace. Vash is poisoned and paralyzed. Argonath, believing the Tiefling to be dead, leaves him as the spider’s nest burns faster. Vash is rescued and the group takes a moment to bind their wounds before continuing with the maze.


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