Call of Sprite Blessed

Part 6: Mithril's Gauntlet


Having narrowly escaped from prison and uncertain of the fate and disposition of Cirio, the party finds themselves trapped in a puzzle consisting of four colored pathways, bowls, spheres, and gems. Guided by a mysterious riddle which refers o the maze only as “Mithril’s End”, the party must obtain four colored gems. A sapphire is found on the tail of a giant scorpion amidst spiders, where fire proved a most useful aid despite the near deaths of Kiara, Vash, and Argonath. A yellow diamond is found behind a concealed door triggered by a cord and a successful demonstration of bladder control. Argonath proved most inept at this. Beneath a stone bull they find an emerald, and upon snatching it the bull releases a puff of smoke from his nostrils, petrifying Vash. During the chaos and confusion immediately following this, Kiara is forced to rescue herself and Vash with the use of her dagger, which teleports them into a small, sealed room with a zap gate which would eventually prove to be their salvation. And a ruby is found in a stone room following a boulder which cascades down the hallway and into a stone basin designed for it.

Adjusting her technique, Kiara perfectly escapes from the room with Vash, still paralyzed, and reappears in the boulder room where Argonath and Vash have just obtained the final gem. Jenner then pours blessed water obtained from the church catacombs above to cure Vash of his petrification, though the process is excruciating for him because of his demonic heritage.

Each of the gems fits perfectly into a sphere of the same color, and each sphere upon receiving the appropriate gem, fits into a bowl, also of the same color. Upon placement of the final sphere, a door opens in the distance and many metallic-looking skeletons are released. Rather than fight the skeletons, the party opts for stealth, and succeeds in making its way to the room with the stone bull, where a door is now open revealing the room with the zap gate previously encountered by Kiara and Vash.

The door, however, will not open when chains of the bull are cut, thus releasing the magical energy imbued into each of them by the placement of the four spheres. The bull comes to life, revealing itself to be a dreaded gorgon, and a fight ensues during which Vash is almost killed again. Eventually the Party tricks the bull into smashing down the stone door protecting the zap gate, Having now found themselves unable to damage this creature, the party, one at a time, escapes through the now open zap gate and finds themselves finally in apparent safety in a room with a half dozen zap gates, with a map on the wall denoting the corresponding location, if not the circumstances and surroundings, of them all.



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