Call of Sprite Blessed

Part 11: Reunion Tour


The gang has gone their separate ways.

Some have found honest work in fields, stables, or local businesses. Others are still up to their usual lying, spying, and fighting. For most, it’s a combination of the two.

The Church of Magistra has been building up its Paladin divisions and cracking down on drinking, gambling and other kinds of dishonest fun. War refugees stream into Tibaltia, harassed by bandits and monsters.

Vash finishes his day in the fields. There are rumors of trouble in the North, where the dead walk and the Dwarven warlords are vying for control. Vash decides he needs a drink and heads toward the Hoarse Raven tavern.

Kiara is working at a stable. The “is” becomes a “was” as she’s fired by the abusive stable-owner after a man “borrows” a horse from Kiara. At least she got to keep the gold piece the horse thief gave her.

Kiara returns to her temporary home, then to The Prancing Pony to meet her Thieves’ Guild contacts. There’s a heist on for tonight.

Jenner returns, slightly the worse for wear, from a mercenary job fighting bandits beyond the city walls. After a tip to the local healer to get the latest scrapes patched. His wounds are looking good, his chances with the nurse are not looking good. He leaves and heads for his shift at the Hoarse Raven.

Martin is waiting to meet a contact. The contact doesn’t appear. The bar Martin was set to meet the man at closes and he’s forced to leave. As he steps out the door, a throwing knife thuds in to the doorframe next to him and a shadowy figure runs off on the rooftops. Martin pursues and traces the man to a warehouse with several shady-looking characters inside.

Argonath is on business for the Elven Embassy. The man he’s tracking has led him to a warehouse where several shadowy men are talking about a seemingly important shipment. He hears movement outside the building. He also smells a little smoke.

Marton and Argonath circle the building several times before finding each other. The reunion is cut short as they realize there’s a small force of armed men heading toward the warehouse.

The Hoarse Raven is busy. It’s one of the few taverns still open. The patrons are having a good time and Ehtovk the bard is making good money. Jenner is looking forward to winning that money from the bard later.

Vash arrives and gets his usual drink. He’s singing along to Ehtovk when the City Guard smashes into the tavern and announces the place is closing early. They begin arresting the merrymakers, including Vash.

Jenner bolts upstairs and starts gearing up. Vash is dragged outside but escapes the Paladins’ grasp and runs back into the tavern. He, Jenner, and Jenner’s friend and roommate Kadric escape with Kadric’s family.

Kiara watches from a rooftop as the Thieves’ Guild moves in on the warehouse. The guards outside are neutralized and a cart moves in to secure the precious weapons said to be hidden inside.

The thieves notice a man watching the heist and they send a man to silence him.

Argonath is watching the heist, wondering what is going on, when somebody attacks him. The assailant has a poisoned knife but Argonath resists the toxin and overpowers the man with his staff and elemental magic. The assailant is left in the alley, unconscious and without eyebrows.

Martin wants to learn what the thieves are stealing. He takes the quiet approach; he turns himself invisible and sneaks into the thieves’ cart as it approaches the warehouse. The warehouse is now on fire, thanks to Martin.

Vash and Jenner are lost. After making sure Kadric and his family are safe, the two warriors run through town, looking for trouble, hopefully some Paladins to fight. It’s probably due to Vash’s drunken navigation that, despite starting in the North Fields District, they end up in the Shallow Warf. They hear some action happening near the cargo docks and head in that direction.

Argonath runs toward the commotion and takes an arrow in the shoulder. The paralysis
poison takes effect and drops the elf cold.

Enter Jenner and Vash. The drunk, armored Tiefling barrels into the street and the thieves shoot at him with their poisoned arrows. He gets hit but his fall jolts him awake again. Jenner takes a few shots at the thieves and climbs to a rooftop to get a better vantage.

There’s a flash of light from the burning warehouse and the two thieves that just inside come flying out the doors.

With a glint of metal and a whir of clockwork limbs and a thief dies with a blade through his chest. A blue and gold automaton with blades for arms, moves with lethal grace, shining in the glow of the fire and the falling rain.

A blast of white energy obliterates the cart. Martin narrowly avoids serious injury and his invisibility evaporates.

A white and gold automaton clatters out of the warehouse. It raises one of its arms and another disk of energy bisects another thief.

A third automaton, this one red and gold, comes out on four spindly legs. Two legs whip around, point at another unlucky thief, and an unseen and incredibly fast projectile blows the thief’s head off.

Kiara has a feeling that she knows what they’re for. The automatons were shipped to Tibaltia to hunt the people responsible for the attempt on the king’s life. The killer droids will be coming after their party.

The party flees. Martin is the first to go, using the chaos as cover as the automatons finish off the last of the thieves. Argonath, Kiara, and Elliot, her Thieves’ Guild contact, are next. Vash and Jenner are last, the latter narrowly avoiding being hit by a shot from the red automaton.

They arrive back at The Prancing Pony with a blindfolded Elliot in tow. After a stiff drink to calm their nerves, the party, reunited again, heads into the base to plan their next move.



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