Call of Sprite Blessed

Part 6: Out of the Frying Pan and into the Sewer


The group arrives in Tibaltia, the capitol of the realm. Tibaltia is the largest city i the world and is the religious, economic, political, magical, and military capitol of everything.

The group gets immediately acquainted with the might of the religious institutions as they teleport in to the center of the largest church in the city. They are arrested immediately.

One by one the group is interrogated until, at last it is Cyrio’s turn. Instead of the normal gruff greeting he is approached and met as a low ranking officer and asked to make report. they unlock his cuffs before escorting him out, leaving the party to wonder what has become of him, and to assume he has turned turncoat. It does not look good for three of the four remaining party members: Vash the half-demon, Jenner the ex-Shade, and Argonath the elf who might have angered one of the five goddesses.

As they wait in jail, expecting to be summarily executed, Kiara discovers that her dagger is back in her pocket. She teleports out of her cell and frees the others. They recover their gear from an evidence locker that happens to be open.

The guards are alerted and the group escapes into the city’s sewers.

The four find themselves in a catacomb. The walls of the first room are lined with white robes, some of which are missing. They venture into the maze-like tomb and find an extensive burial chamber. Another room is filled with row after row of books, telling of all the people entombed in the halls. Vash looks up the assassination of the king and learns the facts surrounding the horrific death of the previous ruler.

Another room is full of a mysterious, but invigorating, water. Argonath and Kiara go for a swim while Jenner and Vash refrain.

In the next room, they find dozens of coffins and two guardians of the catacombs. The defenders, two leaked ghosts, attack immediately. Jenner, who stole one of the white cloaks, avoids being attacked. Argonath and Kiara take the brunt of the attack but avoid being seriously hurt because of their swim in the healing water.

After defeating the ghosts, the group finds a way to unlock a door they’d found earlier. The room contains a number of artifacts: a silver lance that looks suspiciously like the one described in the king’s death, an ivory bow and a gold chalice. All of them are locked behind strong magic wards so the group is forced to leave them behind and continue on.

As they continue they leave three discoveries unexplored. A spiral Staircase that descends into shadowy depths, the famed Crypt of Ages, and a room sealed by stone doors with no handles.

They find a way out of the catacombs of the church of the five, traveling down a drainage basin several hundred feet. The path leads them to a door with the Asari sign. The door opens and they enter a large maze that promises an exit.

At the heart of the maze is a room with four colored spheres. Each color corresponds to a section of the maze.

The maze is filled with danger, as the group find out when a boulder rolls down a dead end after them. After avoiding the boulder, they find themselves in a room full of spiders. One of the spiders has a blue gem necklace which looks like a key to the maze. .

The spider fight goes out of hand quickly. Argonath offers to burn the spiders and their webs away. Jenner and Vash are already inside the spider nest when the elf suggests fire. Jenner tries to escape and is immobilized by a spider’s spit. Kiara rescues him, leaving Vash and Argonath to face the spiders alone. As fire begins to consume the nest, Jenner manages to kill the largest spider and grab the necklace. Vash is poisoned and paralyzed. Argonath, believing the Tiefling to be dead, leaves him as the spider’s nest burns faster. Vash is rescued and the group takes a moment to bind their wounds before continuing with the maze.


Someone has got to figure out how those warp gates work and get proficient at manipulating them, because this is happening way too often.


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