Call of Sprite Blessed

Part 7: Regrouping and Rearming


After the group arrives in Tibaltia, Martin is taken away by the church. During the interrogation, he tells them the entire truth about Grant and their mission. He manages to get the gang off the hook. Before they can be freed, however, the others escape from prison and run into the catacombs.

A priest leads Martin into the catacomb and they track the movements of the other party. As the priest threatens to turn them in, Martin attacks and kills him. The sorcerer escapes into the city, now wanted along with the rest of his friends.

Martin wanders the Shallow Wharf and eventually finds the famous Prancing Pony. With a few platinum coins and some information, he secures a month-long stay at the inn.

At the Asari hideout, the gang takes a look around. The base is a mess. It looks like a huge battle took place. The place is stripped of nearly all valuables and the furniture is in shambles.

The only thing intact is the library, a massive collection of shelves that lines the perimeter of the large main room. The books are secured behind warded glass and only accessible by a rickety scaffold.

The base is stewarded by a ghost in the crystal chandelier named Altia. The group wakes Altia up when they put the Asari pendants from Corsa into the slots around the main table.

Altia agrees to help them and shows them around the main room of the Asari base.

While exploring the off rooms, Kiara finds a bed that looks out of place. Somebody has recently stayed in the hideout.

The group decides to leave via a zap gate to the Shallow Wharf outside of the city. The gate leads them into the Prancing Pony’s basement.

They find Martin in the hotel and after some negotiations with zap-gate guards and Madame Lebon, the Pony’s owner, the party is allowed to stay.

Kiara finds the person who was staying in the Asari base, a boy named Cecil who was one of Hamand’s apprentices a few years ahead of Kiara. He helps them with the Asari codes to prevent any more standoffs in places they visit.

The group takes the opportunity to spend the money they gained while adventuring (and looting what was left of Corsa.)

Kiara buys armor, having gone the whole adventure without it. Jenner upgrades his own and gets his war trophies remade. Vash buys a new spear and considers getting it enchanted. Argonath gets a bow enchanted and has it put away to be paid for later.

As they wait for their gear to arrive, the team takes a look around the city.

Jenner reads the Asari books on Blademastery. He visits the Blademaster’s Guild and passes the initial test, but declines to join. Vash studies the death of the king and does further research in the library. Kiara tries to find the Thieve’s Guild. Argonath and Martin try to contact the Elven Embassy to report on the status of the Glade.

At the embassy, they receive a new mission…



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