The Asari

The AnsI Asari

Most often referred to as simply, the asari, The Ansi Asari are an incredibly secretive group. Founded 500 years before the current time the group’s primary mission has been to observe and protect the mortal plane from the threats around them. These threats have been quantified into 7 distinct and separate groups.

1. Demonic
2. Eldrich
3. The Fey
4. Void Sprites/Free Sprites
5. The Undead
6. Dragons
7. Magical Beasts

The group has been through several iterations and command structures. Currently they can be best described as a small group of operatives with very little command structure. Field operatives live in cover and spread as wide a network as possible dealing in information while also investigating threats. Localized agents study how to combat specific kinds of threats (normally no more than one or two of the seven) until notified by a field agent at this point they step into active duty to combat the threat. These people typically act as organizers more than overseers and are also typically responsible for recruitment. Council members are those who have taken the step to reveal their identity as members of the order, and are tasked with final training, as well as being responsible for maintaining the information network that works in secret.

The Asari are not aligned with any particular kingdom, but operate most strongly in the kingdom of Caldrea. The council is known to take up residence in Corsa, and tension between the crown and the council has simmered for years as the current King Grethory the II suspects the council to be behind the assassination of his father King Gregor the powerful. Little is known of the incident and less could be proved as the the only living witness was a small girl who said she met a younger woman wearing a hood outside the royal chambers. That same night. The king was famously found dead in his personal altar room, pinned to the wall with a single stab wound to the chest and strange markings around his body. The mysterious circumstance of his death seems to be the primary reasoning for the animosity of King Grethory.

Church backing:
The Asari and the Church of the Five Goddesses have never been known to cooperate. The church of the five currently holds the group as apostate (reason undisclosed). Meaning that no member may seek refuge, and that paladins are permitted to arrest and hold (on religious grounds) any member caught within a church or sanctuary

Current Oporations. The current operations of the Asari are, of course, unknown. However, speculation persist that each of the seven primary threats to the mortal plane has its own keeper and record keeper. The agent tasked with countering these threats heading up and maintaining the plans the asari have for each area of their concern. The Asari are historically known to have entangled themselves in world politics, religion, and even finance. As far as the more outrageous legends that say the Asari have horded most of the most powerful relics of the past may have some small degree of truth, as each iteration of the council over the years has maintained a level of magical and non-magical prominence. The current Council head, Peladora, being known as one of, if not the most powerful wizard of Caldera, the current Council Chair Pelgrade possessing the Scouges staff (an item that last appeared during the ravage of the merchant kingdoms to the south), and Malik Gaurden council guild being known perhaps more famously for being the strongest man in Calrea for the fighters guilds last 7 nation-wide contests.

The Asari

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